Workstations that are functional, stylish and geared to meet the needs of your office staff.

Tile Based Workstations

Workstations designed from tile based partitions offer excellent options for customization to suit individual business needs. Tiled partitions are available in 62mm and 75mm thickness.

Interchangeable Tiles

Tile based workstations brings together elements of simplicity and functionality for a creative and positive workspace. Workstations provide employees with adequately private individual spaces with modern customizable aesthetics.

Integrated Storage and Partitions

The office space can be configured as required, to incorporate open-plan or semi-private layout that foster dialogues and offer easily accessible custom storage solutions to suit the nature of the activity.

Desk Based Workstations

Workstations designed to promote teamwork and easy communication in an open-office environment, desk based workstations are free-standing and can be adapted to fit the available space.